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More than 30 years of pursuit assures the natural and consistent tenderness.

Consistent tenderness

The most important factor of eating quality in meat is “tenderness”.

Meltique Beef assures consistent tenderness through our patented unique and one of a kind process; the idea originally came from the French culinary technique “Pique”. “Consistent tenderness” is the biggest reason why Meltique Beef has been loved worldwide over the years.

“Pique” the origin of the idea behind the MELTIQUE process

Pique: a French culinary technique that inserts fat or herbs into lean meat by using a special needle called the “lardoire” to enhance the flavour or juiciness


Extremely Convenient

Meltique Beef can be cooked from frozen state. Due to our own technology, the meat can remain tender and moist even when cooked from frozen, which makes handling in the kitchen extremely easy.

In addition, Meltique Beef can remain tender and moist even after it becomes cold or re-heated. As such Meltique Beef is a very versatile beef product and can be used in various types of food service applications.



Saving your time and costs - Zero waste in your kitchen

All trimmed:

In the Meltique Beef process, all residue bone and excess fat is removed. All you have to do in your kitchen is just cut it into your favourite size and cook. No need to trim which helps to save time in your kitchen.

Uniform shape:

Meltique Beef whole block steak line ups have a uniform shape from one end to the other end. This contributes to avoiding yield loss in your kitchen and helps save on your overall costs.



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